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Dental Care Tips from your Veterinarian

Dental Care Tips from your Veterinarian

   February is Pet Dental Health Month but what does that mean? Well, we know oral health is one important factor in the overall health of your pet. In a recent study, 85% of dogs and cats over three years old have dental disease. Dental Disease can cause pain, infections and tooth loss in pets.  But, how can you, as a pet owner, ensure your pet has good oral health? There are several ways.

               First, daily tooth brushing is a major part of maintaining good oral health in your pets. This means using a simple toothbrush and pet approved toothpaste to brush the teeth. This process should only take a few minutes out of your day. There are several great kinds of toothpaste and pet toothbrushes on the market. Here at Hilltop Pet Clinic, we recommend the CET Brand toothpaste. It comes in a variety of flavors, but the favorites seem to be poultry and Malt flavor. If you would like a refresher on brushing your pets’ teeth, feel free to ask any of our staff and we will gladly show you how to do it!!

Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste for Dogs

There are questions about some of the products on the market that are advertised as products that assist with dental health. Some of these products are very helpful but some do not work like they are advertised. The dental products that we love are the CET Chews and the VeggieDents. These are products that we know work well. You can purchase the CET toothpaste and chews in our clinic or in our online pharmacy at

CET Chews

When we see your pets, we always check their teeth. We know that oral health can impact your pet’s life. Dental Disease can cause bad breath, dental infections, tooth loose, and pain. We also know that the bacteria can move around the body and settle in other areas such as the heart and kidneys.

Professional dental cleanings, performed under anesthesia, are also an important part of oral health. Professional dental cleanings involve cleaning the teeth above and below the gum line. We polish all teeth after cleaning to give them a smooth surface and slow down the buildup of plaque.  All dental patients also get a fluoride treatment.  We also take dental x-rays if there is a tooth we question the health of. This allows us to extract teeth if necessary. While we know the amazing benefits of professional dental cleanings, we do take before and after photos, so you can see the difference. 

Here are Hilltop Pet Clinic, we know the importance of oral care in pets. We work hard to ensure that your pet’s oral health is as good as possible. If you ever have any questions regarding your pet’s health, feel free to give us a call!!

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