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Microchipping and your Pet

Microchipping and your Pet

We have all seen the ads for missing pets. It seems that our pets are wonderful at slipping out the door or sneaking away when they are let out to go potty. In many cases, these pets are found quick but what about the ones that are not found right away?

We all know the importance of tags and identification for our pets but how do you ensure that your pet is sure to have their tags on them? We have all heard the stories about pets running off after a bath or slipping their collars off on a walk. One way to work around that possibility is to ensure that your pet is Microchipped.

Many people think that their indoor-only cats do not need microchips because they never go outside. Indoor cats who do get outside are more likely to end up in shelters and need identification. The same is true of older dogs. In many cases, we think of microchipping as a benefit for young puppies who tend to roam and explore but what about your older pet who is hard of hearing or can easily become confused? These pets all benefit from the security a microchip can provide.

Microchips are tiny chips that sit under the skin of your pet. They do not bother the pet and the information can be read by a microchip scanner. These are great devices that give you added protection in the event your pet gets lost. All shelters scan every pet when they are brought into the shelter and many vet clinics will scan a pet that you have found. Implanting the microchip is a simple procedure that is very similar to getting a vaccine. Most of the time, it can be done when your pet is in for vaccines and they rarely seem to notice.  You will also have to fill out a microchip registration form. Once that microchip number is registered to you, anyone who scans that microchip will be able to contact the company and get in touch with you.

Now, once you have your pet microchipped and registered, the next important step is to ensure that the information is current. That means if you move or change your phone number you need to contact the microchip company and update the information. There is nothing worse than finding a pet with a microchip that has outdated information.

We use Home Again Microchips. These microchips have a patented antimigration technology so that your pet's microchip stays in place. These chips only store your pets unique microchip number. That microchip number is connected to your information in a database. 

What should you do if your Microchipped pet goes missing? The first thing to do is contact Home Again. They will send out alerts to all vet clinics and shelters in a 25 miles area where your pet was lost. Once your pet is found and the microchip is scanned someone from Home again will call you to tell you your pet was found and arrange a pick-up. This means that your information is always kept secure.

Other Great Benefits to Microchipping

               Almost everyone knows that microchipping is great in the event your pet gets lost but there are other benefits as well. The biggest secondary benefit is the ability to use microchip enabled devices. That means if you have multiple pets who are all on different diets you can use Microchip Enabled Smart Feeder to ensure that the pet that needs the special diet is the only one who is eating it.  There are also Microchip Enabled Smart Pet Doors. These allow pets with Microchips to use the pet door and prevent other pets or wild animals from using the pet door!

We truly believe that every pet can benefit from a Microchip so call us today to schedule your pets microchip implantation appointment.

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