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Spay Promotion with Kearney Area Animal Shelter

Spay Day Promotion

We are proud to be participating in Kearney Area Animal Shelter’s Spay Day event! Be sure to bring your coupon to save 20% on spays and neuters in the month of March.

Reasons to spay

  • Prevent pregnancies
  • Reduce the risk of certain types of cancers (mammary tumors in dogs are malignant 50% of the time, and 90% of the time in cats.)
  • Eliminate the risk of pyometra (uterine infection)
  • Eliminate heat cycles
  • Spayed dogs and cats generally live longer


Reasons to neuter

  • Prevent pregnancies
  • Reduce certain types of cancers (testicular and prostate)
  • Reduce Roaming behavior (reduces risks of getting hit by cars or in fights with other animals)
  • Stop or reduce Marking or Spraying
  • Neutered dogs and cats generally live longer


Debunking Spaying and Neutering Myths

  • Spaying or Neutering will not cause your pet to become overweight
  • Neutering is not a quick fix for behavior problems. If your pet is displaying behavior concerns, neutering may assist with reducing the behavior, but they may be a learned habit.
  • Spaying or Neutering your dog or cat costs less than caring for mother and babies.
  • Dogs and cats do not need to have a litter to know what motherhood is like.
  • Neutering your male dog or cat will not make them feel like less of a male.


Helpful tips to make your pets spay or neuter easier on you and them!

  • Be sure to schedule an appointment!
  • Do not give food the morning of the procedure
  • Please know that we do have some paperwork to do before your pet’s procedure, this paperwork allows us to administer anesthesia and perform the procedure. It will also ask about pre-anesthesia lab work and microchipping.
  • Your dog or cat may be a bit sleepy after their procedure, please allow them to rest as much as possible.
  • In the two weeks after their surgery, please do not allow them to run around, leash walking is perfectly fine but running and jumping can pull out the sutures and cause complications.
  • If we send your pet home with an E-collar, please keep it on, we understand that they don’t like it, but it stops them from licking at their incisions (which can cause infections or pull the sutures out.)
  • If you ever have any concerns about your pet, please do not hesitate to call our office!


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about spaying or neutering your pet or to schedule your appointment!!

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