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Tips to make Flea and Tick Season easier on your pets!

Tips to make Flea and Tick Season easier on your pets!


               Flea and ticks are gross. All pet owners know that these creepy crawlies are just waiting for a chance to hang out with our pets! But, how do you prevent them and how bad are they really?

               First, fleas can cause itching in our pets. In some cases, your pet may have an allergic reaction to the flea and need medication to calm the reaction down. Fleas and ticks also carry a variety of diseases that they can transmit to your pet. These diseases include Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, and tapeworms.

               As veterinarians, we work hard to make sure you and your pet have a great bond and a long life. We do recommend that all animals are on quality flea and tick prevention to ensure that they are not being exposed to these parasites. But, not all flea and tick preventatives are created equal. We highly recommend using products such as Revolution for cats, Bravecto, and Simparica. But, with any medication, read and follow the label and directions. TO PREVENT A MAJOR REACTION AND TOXICITY DO NOT APPLY A DOG FLEA AND TICK PRODUCT TO YOUR CAT!!!

               We recommend that you continue to use a flea and tick preventative year-round. It is easy to think that you do not been protected in the winter months because of the snow and freezing temperatures but fleas and ticks can be present in the warmer days in the winter months and removing a flea infestation can be extremely difficult, so it is much better to prevent fleas from taking up residence in your home.

               Knowing you need to prevent fleas and ticks on your pet is important but there are several factors that go into finding the best flea and tick prevention for your pet. The first thing to consider is the lifestyle of the pet and the owners. There are a variety of forms of flea and tick preventatives. They include topical medications and oral medications. Every form offers great advantages and disadvantages. That is one of the reasons we recommend involving your veterinarian in the decision. Oral Medications are the newest to the market. They allow your pet to eat a medicated treat that will provide flea and tick protection for a set amount of time. They are a great option if your pet is around children, works as a therapy dog, or gets groom frequently.  Topical medications are great if your pet is showing signs of flea allergies and needs to prevent the bite, won’t eat the medicated treats or has a sensitivity that prevents oral medications from being effective.

               By using flea and tick prevention appropriately, you can ensure that your pet is completely covered using the best product for him. Preventing fleas and ticks from feeding on your pet, you can keep him more comfortable and protected from diseases.

One of the main reasons it is so hard to get rid of a flea infestation is their unique lifecycle. They can stay in one stage until the conditions are perfect for them. That means fleas can lay dormant in one cycle until they have the best humidity and temperatures to hatch into the next stage. Using a premise spray to eliminate a flea infestation is great but the eggs and larva can remain untouched by it only to hatch later and start the cycle all over again. So, ensuring your pet is on a flea and tick preventative will prevent fleas and ticks in his environment.   

Remember: Wildlife such as rabbits and squirrels can be a source of fleas so ensuring your pet is fully protected in very important!

If you ever have questions about flea and tick prevention, please feel free to contact our office!!

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