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Hilltop Pet Cemetery

Our pets have a way of teaching us about loving, loyalty and joy. What we have shared in their presence can never be lost.

Hilltop Pet Cemetery – was established in 1981 – because our own pets have been a very special part of our lives.
You are invited to visit the Cemetery in northwest Kearney at 6880 30th Avenue.

At Hilltop Pet Cemetery you may chose the services which most suitably express the unique relationship shared by you and your pet.

Private cremation and burial are available. Our Pre-Need Program allows you to make arrangements in advance and to reserve plots for all the pets your family may have through the years.

All certified police and Canine Companion Dogs will receive a grave site free of charge.

Caskets, urns and memorials are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Granite memorials can be engraved with an inscription of your choice and the likeness of your pet. A photograph of your pet and/or a longer inscription can also be reproduced on a metal photo plate for your pet’s memorial.

To provide for the upkeep and beautification of your pet’s resting place, a one-time fee will be assessed for the Hilltop Pet Cemetery Fund. In addition, the Hilltop Pet Cemetery Trust has been established to make it possible for friends of the Cemetery to provide a special gift.

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