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Puppy Kindergarten

Puppies' personalities are formed between the ages of 8 to 20 weeks. Just like humans, they go through a process called socialization, learning who they are and what is considered acceptable behavior with other living things, canine as well as human.

How important is Socialization? Consider this: 50% of puppies never see their first birthday and of those, studies indicate that 85% are euthanized because of behavioral problems such as biting, chewing and house soiling.

So, what does this mean for your puppy? It means that if your puppy is to get along with other dogs, cats, children and adults, it must interact with them before it is 20 weeks old.

Puppies cannot understand that children are more vulnerable than adults and must be treated with extra care. When they see a child, they see another “puppy,” someone to treat as it would a litter mate. Puppy Kindergarten is great for kids too, as they learn that puppies must be treated with special care as well.

As a student in Puppy Kindergarten, your puppy will be exposed to other puppies (large and small) and to children, men and women. He will learn not to bite you or anyone else. You will be impressed with how puppies teach each other good play manners.

Your puppy will learn to be comfortable having his tail and ears tugged, his teeth brushed and his nails trimmed, as well as being handled by other people besides you. The manners he learns will enable him to truly become a part of your family.

Remember your adult dog's behavior is dependant on the experiences he has before he is 20 weeks old.

Please give your puppy the best gift of his early life: enroll now in our Puppy Kindergarten. Bring the entire family for an evening of fun for you and your puppy!

"Thank each and every one of you for the kindness, love, ear scratches and cuddles."

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